Concierge Products, Pricing and Software Setup

Get your entire product mix, all of your pricing and your sales software setup done for you in just 7 days by two of the leading experts in In-Person Sales.

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All products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Switching to In-Person Sales can be daunting, for sure. You have to spend precious time, energy and money wading through all of the product options out there, figure out how much to charge for those products, then learning how to actually sell them.

And all of this before you actually sell a single thing.

But did you choose the right products? And is your pricing going to get you where you want to be? Will your clients be willing to pay for those products?

If you’ve ever wished someone would just tell you what to sell and how much to charge, then this Done-For-You service is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

In just 7 days, with only about 90 minutes of your time, we’ll apply our decade of experience with In-Person Sales to expertly craft your entire product mix and pricing as well as fully set up and train you on using your design and sales software.

Here’s What You’ll Get

Intake Interview – Up to 60 Minutes

First, we’ll meet via video chat to discuss your personal style, your typical or ideal clients’ style and any products you’re interested in.

We’ll then take a deep look at your income goals, current sales process, current product prices (if you have any yet) and financial needs from your photography business.

Adrienne and I will take what we’ve learned in this Intake Interview to provide the rest of the deliverables, below.

Complete Product Mix

We’ll build out a fully customized product mix based on our intake interview that includes every size, option and variation of every product.

You’ll get this full list for:

  • Wall Art Products
  • Albums and Books
  • Accessories
  • Gifts and Small Prints
  • Digital File Offerings

Detailed Pricing Breakdown

We’ll apply what we learned in your intake interview to calculate the perfect retail prices for every single size of every single product you offer.

We’ll base these prices off of a custom mix of industry-standard practices, your specific income needs, your specific time costs and your physical Cost of Goods Sold.

You’ll end up with a full spreadsheet that includes:

  • Every product you should offer
  • Every size of each of those products
  • Your current lab costs for each size of each product, including any upgrades or variations (think hanging hardware, corner treatments, mounting, etc.)
  • Our suggested retail price for each size of each product based on all those factors above (income needs, time costs, etc.)

One Year of The Printmaker System

This is our flagship offering, and you’ll get a full year, included in the price of your concierge setup service.

You’ll get full and immediate access to:

  • The Path to Printmaker In-Person Sales course
  • Swift Galleries Wall Art Design and In-Person Sales Tool
  • The Printmaker Coalition In-Person Sales Community
  • The Printmaker Vault – All Printmaker System products and resources, downloadable on-demand
  • Ability to apply for Certified Printmaker status
  • Consideration as a guest on The Printmaker Podcast
  • Access to 1-on-1 hotseats and consultations

Full Swift Galleries Setup

Adrienne and I will fully set up your Swift Galleries account for you, including:

  • Importing or creating all wall art products, sizes and prices
  • Importing or creating all add-on product options and prices
  • Creating supporting templates for any wall gallery products
  • Setup of all preferences and sales settings

Product Photos and Descriptions

We’ll provide you with stock photos of each product we suggest, along with a custom-written description of each product that matches your brand and tone for you to use across your website, blog, social and marketing materials.

Product Fulfillment Workflows and Standard Operating Procedures

We’ll provide you with a step-by-step printable workflow for placing product orders for each of the products we include in your final product mix.

Each workflow will include:

  • Required software for placing product orders
  • Any relevant links to products or software
  • Exact steps for placing your orders, including any product variations or add-ons we recommend

These workflows are perfect for handing over to a Virtual Assistant when you’re ready to have someone else handle your product ordering and fulfillment.

Suggested Studio Samples List

We’ll create a detailed list of all the studio samples we suggest you purchase and the order in which we suggest you purchase them.

Product, Pricing and Sales Consultation

Once we’ve completed all of our work, we’ll meet again for your Product, Pricing and Sales Consultation.

During this 60-Minute Consultation, we’ll:

  • Present to you the products we’ve chosen for you and walk you through each offering.
  • Present and explain all pricing we’ve created for you including a suggested mix of products you should aim to sell for each session to hit your target sales goals.
  • Walk you step-by-step through what we’ve set up for you in Swift Galleries and how to use the tool in your sales meetings.
  • Discuss any add-on services, products or coaching you might be interested in.

7-Day Turnaround

We’ll schedule your Product, Pricing and Sales Consultation within 7 business days of your intake interview.

60-Day Optimization Consultation

We’ll jump on a call with you again around 60 days after we’ve delivered everything to revisit everything that was delivered, discuss which products are selling well and our thought process for continually optimizing your product and price list.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We’ll include one modification to your product or price mix for free if you’d like anything changed at your Product, Price and Sales Consultation. Additional modifications could incur an additional fee.

We’re positive you’ll love what we’ve created for you and we’re happy to offer a 30-day money back guarantee on anything we offer.

Next Steps

Ready to have your entire product mix, pricing and software set up for you while you work on the rest of your business?

Click the button below to purchase the Concierge Setup Service. Upon processing your payment, we’ll send you a link to choose the date and time of your Intake Interview and we’ll get rolling with creating the perfect product and pricing for your business!

Questions? Click the chat widget at the bottom right of this page or shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to help you decide if this service is right for you!

PayPal, PayPal Credit and credit card payments accepted.
All products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.