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Photographers Just Like You Are Using This Simple Framework To Make More Money, In Less Time, With Happier Clients. Scroll Down To Learn How!

Attention: "Shoot & Burn" Photographers...

Did you know that nearly 2 out of every 3 photographers in business today will be out of business this time next year?

For too many years now, photographers in your market have forced you to put convenience before service, to essentially tell your clients “here are your files, good luck figuring out what to do with them…” each time you deliver only digital files…

For the vast majority of us, it’s not our fault, we’ve just been trying to compete in our increasingly-crowded markets but, unfortunately, everyone is paying the price.

  • Clients have nothing more than some updated profile pictures to show for their time with their photographer.
  • Photographers are making far less money and are unable to support their families with their photography income.
  • And worst, the most photographed generation in the history of the world has the fewest actual photographs to pass down to future generations, leaving a massive smartphone-shaped hole in the printed record of an entire generation!

But There's A Better Way...

Today I’d like to show you a better way to sell your photos as prints instead of files, without ever feeling like a sleazy salesperson.

Photographers around the world are switching from Shoot & Burn to our “AEDD Framework” every day and making more money, working fewer hours, with clients who are thrilled to refer their friends. (No, really… check out our testimonials below for proof!)

Instead of joining the constant race to the bottom in their markets, they’re standing out with amazing service and clients who pay them well for their work.

And today I’d like to give you that same framework, for FREE.

By Claiming Your FREE Download Of The AEDD Framework Workbook You'll Also Get Exclusive Video Training On The Full AEDD Framework, Valued at $197, FREE!

The AEDD Framework Workbook

We’ll shoot the AEDD Framework Workbook PDF to your inbox so you can print it out and fully internalize the AEDD Framework, then refer back to it anytime as you implement it in your own business!

The AEDD Framework Training

The AEDD Framework Video Training ($197 Retail – Yours FREE!) will walk you step-by-step through the entire framework, helping you fully understand how to put it to use in your own photography business.

Over 1.2 Million Dollars In Print Products Have Been Sold Using The AEDD Framework!

The AEDD Framework WORKS! Just ask these photographers (and thousands just like them) using it every day in their businesses!

"… I took the leap and sold my FIRST gallery wall with the first client I offered it to. I thought I was going to die as the price came out of my mouth ($2500) and they didn’t even blink!! I’ve never been more excited!"

Kate Brent

Southaven, MS

“I was that ‘shoot-and-burned out’ photographer when I found Swift Galleries' sales process… after adding their sales model to my business, I’m now thriving and I have the confidence to actually charge what I’m worth."

Amanda Waltman

Seattle, WA

The AEDD Framework Will Help You To...

Created By The Photography Sales Experts Behind Preveal, Salesographer, Swift Galleries and The Printmaker System

The AEDD Framework was developed by us, Chris & Adrienne Scott, through struggle, success, trial and error using it to grow our own photography business from $150 sales averages to $120,000 in our first year implementing it. We’ve spent more than a decade refining the process as we teach it every day to thousands of photographers just like you.

We look forward to teaching you next!

Chris & Adrienne
Co-Founders of The Printmaker System by Swift Galleries

Where Should We Send Your Free Download?

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